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A Guide on How to Build a Key Holder For Your Home.

When you are ready to leave for work early in the morning, you might spend a lot of time looking for your misplaced keys. Looking for your key copy may be a regular part of your day if you don’t have a specific spot for placing them when you get home. A great way of keeping your home keys in a central place is by building a key holder for your home. Here are some tips on building a key holder for your home.
One of the easiest ways of making a key holder is by using wood. The basic materials and tools you will need for this method include wood, paint, a string, a drill, and polyurethane. The wood you use should be dry and you ought to prime it first. Once the piece of wood is well primed, the next step you need to take is painting it with an appealing color.
You need to protect the paint on the wood, and this is achieved by spraying it with polyurethane. The key holder will be hanged on the wall using a string, and you need to drill two holes on both the top edges through which the key holder will be suspended on the wall. Using the drill, make more holes along the wood which will be used to screw in finger hooks for holding the keys up.
Key holders can also be made by utilizing old and small picture frame you have in your house. You first need to paint the first paint the frame and leave the paint to completely dry up. You should then screw in hooks on the back side of the backboard of the frame. You can do multiple rows of hooks and ensure that you use hooks which are of different lengths to avoid the hanging keys in the top and bottom rows from touching. Leaving the paint to dry will play a major role in establishing the final appearance of the key holder.
Most of the keys are made out of iron and are therefore attracted to magnets. You can easily make a key holder for your home by applying this physics natural phenomenon. For this process to be a success you will need a piece of wood, wood stain, a drill, high power magnets, picture hanging cliffs, and a bottle of wood glue. You will need to cut the piece of wood into the right size and prime it. The next step you need to take is to drill holes into the wood and glue the magnets into them. You should then let the glue dry and then apply coats of stain to the wood. Lastly, attach the key holder in the desired location of your house. Among the three methods, choose on which suits your style for a key holder.

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