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Learn About Military Traditions

There is still a high large number of citizens serving as soldiers today. Becoming a soldier is one of the most honorable professions currently and it is based on sacrifice, discipline and service. You may be surprised to learn that there are very many traditions in the military you may not know about. Discussed in this article are the basics of some of these traditions.

Our first tradition is the use of challenge coins. Challenge coins date back to World War 1, where after being shot down in enemy territory, an American fighter pilot used the first challenge coin to prove his identity to French soldiers. Challenge coin collection is common in the military as soldiers collect and swap coins with different backstories. The president also issues challenge coins to honorable guests as a sign of appreciation.

We will also learn the basics behind Marine Amtrac crews not eating apricots. You would be surprised to learn that even soldiers are quite superstitious. The tradition of not eating apricots started out in Vietnam when soldiers believed that there was an enemy attack every time somebody opened and ate apricots.

Thirdly, we will learn the basics of blood pinning, yet another tradition. This is a rather brutal tradition that has seen the test of time. This tradition is known as blood pinning because once a soldier is promoted and issued with a new badge, other soldiers take turns punching the new badge into his chest. Since the whole issue of making other soldiers bleed is not agreeable with most of the population, soldiers today are opting for less brutal traditions.

We will also learn the basics of the military tradition practised before a wedding. If you intend to marry anyone in the military, then you should be ready for a light spanking, with a sword. This tradition is practised to welcome a new member into the family because all soldiers are part of one big family.

We will also learn the basics of military soaking. This tradition is reserved for those who retire. You commemorate your amazing years of service by being hose down with water. If you ae lucky however, you can have drinks other than water soaking you.

Next, we learn the basics of lard covered monument climbing. This tradition is mainly for naval academy midshipmen, who are required to climb a monument and replace their first-year hats with upperclassmen hats. Upperclassmen keep this tradition interesting by covering the monument with lard and asking all the first years to go at it once.

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